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It is American subbreed originally, which is already said by the own name of the cat. This subbreed was imported also to another corners of the world during years and it is more and more popular. These cats were seen in the state Maine for the first time, and from this fact the name of the subbreed is particularly derived. The second word - "coon" was assigned to the cat due to its crested tail, which markedly evokes the coon. The long and crested tail is typical for these cats. One legend narrates about Marie Antoinette, who loved just these cats very much and to allow them to escape before the French revolution, she sent them to America. These cats become here the ancestors of the current subbreed. In some American keepings the Maine coon cats were accepted already in the year 1967. From 80-years they are accepted also in Europe.


Source: www.maine-coon.cz

Burcoon chovatelská 
 stanice 22.8. 2010 Show Ostrava Mansur nomination and BIS winner!



Today, 5.4.2011 we birth beautiful healthy kittens!
We are planning the birth of kittens from Laluna ! Reserve your kitten now! Kittens will be in different colors with the assumption great size for their powerful parents.


On 18.12. 2010 Irving Burcoon*cz was at the show in Duisburg-Homberg, and was nominated for BIS and became the winner of BEST IN SHOW !!!

On 12.12.2010 Henry won 1.place in a special competition Interchampion best of all, nomination to BIS and BEST IN SHOW winner !!!

Our offspring boy Henry Burcoon* cz won at the international exhibition in Germany and Holland, beautiful prize. Total received: 7 x nomination to BIS,
2 x Best in variety, 4 x BIS winner!


Alwaro Francois Perren*PL is barren! ...more