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Year 2014   City
4./5.1.   Ostrava
18./19.1   Praha
15./16.2.   Praha
8./9.3.   Uherské Hradiště
12./13.4.   Hradec Králové
19./20.4.   Karlovy Vary
26./27.4.   Brno
3.5.   Ostrava
10./11.5.   Most
24./25.5.   Ústí nad Labem
21./22.6.   Praha
28./29.6.   Valtice
12.7.   Ústí nad Labem
26./27.7.   Praha
16./17.8.   Ostrava
30./31.8.   Karlovy Vary
13./14.9.   Ústí nad Labem
27./28.9.   Praha
11./12.10.   Ostrava
25./26.10.   Brno - WORLD SHOW
8./9.11.   Zdice
15.11.   Pardubice
6./7.12.   Olomouc
13./14.12.   Praha

Propositions to these exhibitions:
Organization FIFE
Czech organization - ČSCH
Austria organization Öevek
Czech organization - ZO Ostrava

Burcoon chovatelská 
 stanice 22.8. 2010 Show Ostrava Mansur nomination and BIS winner!



Today, 5.4.2011 we birth beautiful healthy kittens!
We are planning the birth of kittens from Laluna ! Reserve your kitten now! Kittens will be in different colors with the assumption great size for their powerful parents.


On 18.12. 2010 Irving Burcoon*cz was at the show in Duisburg-Homberg, and was nominated for BIS and became the winner of BEST IN SHOW !!!

On 12.12.2010 Henry won 1.place in a special competition Interchampion best of all, nomination to BIS and BEST IN SHOW winner !!!

Our offspring boy Henry Burcoon* cz won at the international exhibition in Germany and Holland, beautiful prize. Total received: 7 x nomination to BIS,
2 x Best in variety, 4 x BIS winner!


Alwaro Francois Perren*PL is barren! ...more