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General information
Maine coon cat is a massive, robust cat. It is one of the oldest American subbreeds. She belongs among natural long wool subbreeds. Females are a little smaller, than cocks. They grow up slowly and attain the full size not until the third year of their age.


Middle in length and width, quadrate muffle. The face-bones rose. The nose should be without break or knot, with fine baggy curve. The genion is in the level with the upper lip and the nose.


Large, widely laid, slightly disposed. The color of eyes may be in green, golden, or cooper tint, white cats may be blue-eyed (or each eye of another color, respectively). The bright eyes are wantable.


Large, wide in the base, moderately piked and well felled. They are set approximately by the width of the ear from each other.


Muscular, middle to large size. Wide corselet. Long body with moderately long neck.


Legs and footpads
Bulky, moderately long legs, set widely from each other. Footpads large, round, with floccuses between cushions. Five fingers in the front, four fingers at the back. 


Dominant, the same length as the body (calculated from the end of the bum to shoulders), wide in the base, tapering to the end. The fell on the tail is long and flyaway.


The coat on shoulders is short; the length of fell is gradually longer along hips and back. The pad is widely hairy. The coat is fine, but serried, bounded to the body. Maine coon cats used to have so-called "ruffle" round the neck (the fell here used to be mostly longer and differently colored). The ruffle starts at the root of ears.


Color of the coat
All recognizable colors are allowed. Among registered clubs, the most common colors are white, black, blue, red, creme, silver, tortoise, blue tortoise, and gold. The white facing around the neck, genion and lips is popular.


Texture / painting of fell
Marble, tigrine, punctate, casual, non-specifiable white dapples.


Bad points at evaluation on exhibitions
Undesirable items - for example, squinting eyes, broken tail, incorrect number of fingers, fell of poor quality, gareless fell, short body, brittle structure of bones, footpads without fell, bad condition, nose with break, bucktooth mandible (teeth), short round muffle.


Source: www.maine-coon.cz

Burcoon chovatelská 
 stanice 22.8. 2010 Show Ostrava Mansur nomination and BIS winner!
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On 18.12. 2010 Irving Burcoon*cz was at the show in Duisburg-Homberg, and was nominated for BIS and became the winner of BEST IN SHOW !!!

On 12.12.2010 Henry won 1.place in a special competition Interchampion best of all, nomination to BIS and BEST IN SHOW winner !!!

Our offspring boy Henry Burcoon* cz won at the international exhibition in Germany and Holland, beautiful prize. Total received: 7 x nomination to BIS,
2 x Best in variety, 4 x BIS winner!


Alwaro Francois Perren*PL is barren! ...more